Privacy Policy

Babeland Photo is a mobile application, designed for use on tablets, smartphones, and computers.  The application is a product of B&B Media LLC, and B&B Media LLC reserves the right to all content, media, and operation of the product.  Through the use of Babeland Photo (henceforth known as “the product”), certain pieces of media and information may be acquired and used for intended operation of the product.  Each of these acquisitions are detailed below.



Before proceeding, it is worth saying that B&B Media LLC takes your privacy very seriously.  We understand that Babeland Photo is a product which will capture photos, videos, audio, and personal information; protecting this media and information is the highest priority of our company.  At no time will your information be provided to anyone, nor will your photos, videos, or audio recordings be made available anywhere without your knowledge.  Any media or information that is acquired (such as e-mail, phone numbers, or social media handles) are encrypted within the app at all times, and cannot be decrypted by any third parties.



Each photo or video (known throughout marketing as a “photo strip,” “GIF,” or “slow-mo video”) taken with Babeland Photo is stored in two locations; (1) locally on the device which took the photo and (2) on a remote server maintained by B&B Media LLC.  The latter of these storage locations is required for functionality of Babeland Photo’s online gallery, as well as to provide functionality to share your media through e-mail or text message.



The online gallery functionality of Babeland Photo is provided as a feature of the product and your use of the product grants the product owner full rights to storage of your media.  In other words, choosing to take a photo or video with Babeland Photo grants the owner of the product (often referred to as the “event owner”) the right to have your media stored in their online gallery.  This online gallery can be password protected, at the discretion of the product owner, and in no way is your media guaranteed to be protected or encrypted beyond the basic functionality built into the product.



Each e-mail address or phone number entered into the product is stored in a variety of locations, as well.  These include being stored (1) locally in the memory of the device that took the photo or video and (2) on a remote server requiring this information to successfully send your media to its destination.  Additionally, any product owner that subscribes to Babeland Photo’s business features (including during a free trial period) will have access to each e-mail address and phone number entered into the app.  If the product owner is a subscriber of these business features, you will be made aware within the app at the time of entering your e-mail or phone number.  The product owner may use your e-mail or phone number for marketing purposes.  As part of our terms and conditions, the product owner must provide a method to unsubscribe from any correspondences, should they choose to contact you.



Certain features, such as the product’s “voice activation” features, may transmit your voice in realtime to remote servers for processing.  All audio passing through the product is stored for only the necessary length of time required to process a task; no audio recordings of your voice are ever saved on any devices or remote storage locations once a task completes.  Any further processing of images, video, or audio, including for use in features that have not yet been outlined or developed, will remain in accordance of this policy.  Any such alterations to this policy will be publicized and provided in manners apparent to all users and in accordance with state or federal law.



Additionally, features may leverage the use of Apple’s TrueDepth camera system.  The TrueDepth camera system collects image depth information and facial recognition to locate human faces in the camera frame, then combines this information with depth data to digitally remove the background, creating a virtual “green screen removal” effect. Through the use of this feature, no personal information is gathered or stored.  This information is used solely for graphics processing and does not associate any facial identifiers, depth, or environment information with any component of the software.  This data is discarded immediately once visual processing is complete.



Your use of the product, whether as a customer who purchases the product or is a user of the product in any way, agrees to the terms of this privacy policy.  If for any reason you do not agree to the terms and policies detailed within this document, you must cease use and operation of this product immediately.  All photos, videos, or audio that have already been acquired using the product are no longer in possession of B&B Media LLC, and it is at your discretion to contact any product owners and request removal of your media.  B&B Media LLC is not responsible for the use of your media after it is acquired using our product.



It is important to us to note that the minimum age for operation of this product is 13 years of age.  Any user under this age, whether as a product owner or not, must do so under the guidance of a parent or guardian over the age of 18.  It is very important to make clear, again, that any media acquired with the product is stored (1) locally on the device that took the photo or video and (2) on a remote server maintained by B&B Media LLC.   B&B Media LLC is not responsible for the use of your media after it is acquired by the product, and it is at the discretion of the product owner to password protect any event’s online gallery.  We strongly encourage all product owners to take advantage of our password protection feature for online galleries; while the path (“URL”) to each online gallery is unique and should not be publicly known, we cannot take responsibility for anyone that acquires a gallery URL, either intentionally or unintentionally.



In all, B&B Media LLC wishes you the best experience with Babeland Photo, and we have taken advantage of as many safeguards as possible to protect your media and information.  If at any time you have questions or concerns related to the privacy policies laid out within this document, or if you have suggestions for improving the privacy of our product, please contact us at  Your privacy and satisfaction with our product is the highest possible priority of our company and we will work diligently to ensure we reach your expected standards.