License Agreement

Babeland Pro is a mobile application, designed for use on tablets, smartphones, and computers.  The application is a product of B&B Media LLC, and B&B Media LLC reserves the right to all content, media, and operation of the product.  Through the use of Babeland Pro (henceforth known as “the product”), you agree to proper and ethical usage of the application. Details of this usage are described below.


This product, and its implied functionality, are offered on a subscription basis, with unique cases offering complimentary access to the application’s features (this may include, but is not limited to, trials, review and promotional purposes, and beta testing). As detailed during the sign-up process, you are agreeing to pay B&B Media LLC a fixed monthly price for access to the product and its features, which may be cancelled by either party at any time. If, at any time, your payment to B&B Media LLC ceases, we reserve the right to remove your access to the product and its features.


Each subscription plan to Babeland Pro offers varying functionality (often referred to as “tiers”) that may change at any time. B&B Media LLC reserves the right to alter, including adding and removing, features, as well as pricing of our subscriptions at any time. Should this occur, you will be informed of such changes no less than 30 days before said change is to take place. These “tiers” will also limit the number of devices that can simultaneously access Babeland Pro at one time.


If your “tier” of access to Babeland Pro lists “unlimited devices” as a feature, you will be allowed to install and operate the software on any number of devices for which you, or your company, maintains. This “unlimited” access is contingent on your acknowledgement to this License Agreement. Should B&B Media LLC detect, through any means, that your account is accessing the product on devices you do not maintain for your business (referring to friends, family, etc.), we reserve the right to revoke access to your account and cancel your subscription at any time.


Features of Babeland Pro are subject to change, including alteration to their intended use, or removal altogether, with no prior notice. B&B Media LLC makes no guarantee as to the full performance of the product at any time, and it is explicitly understood that external factors, including power consumption, wireless connectivity, and proper lighting can play a major role in the performance and output of your media.


Your use of this product is contingent on your agreement to this document, and any objection should be addressed prior to initial sign-up. You may contact our team, through e-mail, at Our team makes every effort to address each concern and ensure that your experience with this product is as expected. We hope you enjoy using our product, and hope you will use it in the means for which it was designed. B&B Media LLC is not responsible for any abnormalities that may result in degraded image quality or functionality issues that could arise during events or occasions for which you are hired.